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FBI Headquarters to Remain in NW Washington

11 Juillet 2017

For more than a decade, the government had been searching for a new location in the Washington suburbs to replace the 43-year-old J. Edgar Hoover Building, a Brutalist edifice that sits across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Trump International Hotel. The plan would have cost US$2 billion in taxpayer funds.

The plan would have been paid for by selling the J. Edgar Hoover Building to a developer and kicking in almost $2 billion to fund the rest. Completed in 1975, the building's concrete has begun to crack in places, The Post wrote, and its outdated and inefficient structure has begun to threaten the FBI's ability to fight modern threats like cyber crime and global terrorism. The paper reports officials with the General Services Administration will announce the decision in a call with bidders Tuesday morning, and meetings on Capitol Hill.

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The officials told The Post that the lack of permanent leadership at their agency as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation contributed to the plan falling through.

Rushern Baker, chief executive officer for Prince George's County, Maryland, said he had heard the news as well, but he wanted to reserve comment until the official announcement. The efforts stalled recently as funding for the move continued to be delayed.

FBI Headquarters to Remain in NW Washington