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WWE Releases Austin Aries from WWE Contract

08 Juillet 2017

WWE took to their Twitter handle to announce the release of Austin Aries. He unsuccessfully challenged the current Cruiserweight Champion, Neville, on three separate occasions, announcing he would be taking time off to recover from injuries.

Prior to arriving in the WWE, Aries was a legendary performer in both TNA and ROH.

The report added that one source noted Aries had a bad attitude backstage in WWE, which might have made the decision easier for WWE officials to grant him his release. No details on the release were given in the announcement, which simply reads, "WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Austin Aries".

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Austin Aries' release is likely to trigger some talks of upcoming "future endeavors" within the WWE roster - fan jargon for talents getting released from their contracts, oftentimes en masse in the spring.

According to, Aries requested his release from the company, and it was granted, as he was unhappy being pigeonholed as a Cruiserweight, and saw much more potential for himself outside of the role he was given on 205 Live. Little to nothing was rumored about his status, so the timing of this news was interesting.

Aries' time in is WWE is over.

WWE Releases Austin Aries from WWE Contract