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Snapchat map feature spurs child predator fears

08 Juillet 2017

YOUNG Snapchat users on the Isle of Wight have been warned about not broadcasting their location following an update to the massively popular phone app. Snap Maps is capable of showing not only the street a user is in, but which building, or if they are in a vehicle or listening to music, the NSPCC said.

The NSPCC called on the government to force social network to offer limited "safe accounts" to people aged under 18, which would make all apps switched off their location settings by default. The NSPCC said research carried out by its safety website NetAware, found 36 per cent of young people had added someone to their friends or contacts lists they did not know, in the last six months.

The warning comes after some schools in the country issued letters to parents stating the new feature posed safeguarding concerns. "This highlights why it's vital Government forces social networks to offer "Safe Accounts" to under 18s, with the highest privacy settings and location settings locked off".

A Snapchat spokesperson says the Snap Map is automatically in "ghost mode", meaning your location will not show. "The NSPCC's Share Aware materials online can help parents to start these conversations".

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It lets people share their location with friends.

People can choose who they share their location with, or whether they share it at all. Snap Maps can allow you to "stalk" people in real time and enables you to see what a friend is doing, along with where they are. This setting will ensure that you have complete control over who knows your location.

"The only way to use this and prevent this from happening is to put Snapchat into ghost mode so that you are not visible".

Snapchat map feature spurs child predator fears