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New Hampshire honored in Budweiser campaign

08 Juillet 2017

Colorado is one of 11 states that will have their names printed on bottles in place of the Budweiser logo this summer.

This new packaging style, as per the brand owned by Anheuser-Busch, was inspired by 12 local breweries.

Because Budweiser must be Florida Man's™ beverage of choice, the beer is getting a special label in honor of the Sunshine State.

From now on 11 states will see their namesake on Budweiser bottles and cans as part of the summer packaging and will be available till the end of September. It also is a good idea for Budweiser, now owned by Begium-based AB InBev, to use the state and patriotic packaging to remind consumers of the beer's US origins during the summer when people are grilling and enjoying a cold brew with friends. New Hampshire's signature can includes the state motto, "live free or die", along with the state nickname.

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Host brewery open houses inviting homegrown communities to experience the brand firsthand alongside local food, music and custom merchandise.

In an industry where big beer manufacturers are not only competing against themselves, but a growing number of craft breweries, companies in the industry are wise to try to find ways to make the product feel new again - and hopefully to keep it top of mind for shoppers or bar patrons next time they have a beer.

It will air unique radio spots in each market about local Budweiser brew masters and the brewery's general managers.

New Hampshire honored in Budweiser campaign