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Mayo has joint highest average age in Ireland

08 Juillet 2017

Age dependency is a measure of the extent to which the young (aged 0-14) and older (age 65 and over) populations are dependent on the population of working age people, defined as those aged 15 to 64 years.

In the April 2016 census, 37.2% were aged 45 and over, an increase of 2.8% since 2011 and of 9.6% since 1986.

The average age of people in Ireland in April last year was 37.4 years old, up 1.3 years since 2011, with Fingal in north Dublin home to the most young people and an average age of 34.3.

Balbriggan in Dublin is the youngest town in Ireland according to the report with an average age of 30.8 years, while Killarney was the oldest town in Ireland with an average age of 40.9 years.

The new breakdown of figures shows that the country's population is getting older, with the average national age now 37.4 years, an increase of 16 months from 2011, while the number of people over 65 has risen by nearly a fifth.

Nationally the average age was 37.4 years.

It seems that Ireland is getting older as a whole, and Kerry and Mayo are leading the way in this regard.


There was a fall in the number of young adults (19-24) since 2011 to 331,208, a drop of 6.5%.

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13-18 years: There were 371,588 13 to 18 year olds in April 2016, an increase of 7.7% since 2011. The average age in rural areas was 2.4 years higher than that in urban areas. The number of pre-school children living in flats or apartments increased by 24.3% since 2011, to reach 31,891.

The census recorded 456 centenarians, an increase of 17.2% on 2011.

This age group saw the largest increase in population since 2011, rising by 102,174 to 637,567, a rise of 19.1%.

It adds that rural counties such as Leitrim, Galway, Donegal and Roscommon tend to have fewer young adults and proportionally more older people.

"This profile report examines the age breakdown of Ireland's population and the characteristics of different age groups by geographic area, accommodation and household composition".

The full report "Census of Population 2016 - Profile 3 An Age Profile of Ireland" is available on the CSO website.

"It aims to build on the earlier results on age and sex composition in the Summary Results Part 1 and to provide a more in-depth look at all age cohorts in Ireland in April 2016".

Mayo has joint highest average age in Ireland