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Mahindra apologises to sacked Tech Mahindra employee

08 Juillet 2017

Tech Mahindra's MD and Chief Executive Officer C P Gurnani took home a salary of Rs 150.7 crore in FY 2017. Earlier today we reported how an HR representative of Tech Mahindra unethically and unprofessionally fired an employee.

In the age of internet, the recorded clip on SoundCloud has gone viral and Tech Mahindra has received enough digital hatred for such weak HR policy.

Anand Mahindra issued a personal apology via Twitter.

"Anand Mahindra, the executive Chairman of the Mahindra group tweeted on Friday saying:" I want to add my personal apology.

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Echoing similar sentiments, Gurnani tweeted: "I deeply regret the way HR Rep (sic) & employee discussion was done. Our core value is to preserve the dignity of the individual and we will ensure this doesn't happen in future", Anand Mahindra tweeted.

In the clip, the employee can be heard pleading with the HR executive for more time and despite those repeated pleas the HR executive curtly tells the employee that that is not an option and refers several time to the employment contract that gives the employer the right to fire an employee instantly. "We deeply regret the manner in which the discussion took place, and have taken necessary corrective steps to ensure that this does not happen again in future".

He said that the company continues to implement strategies to meet the changing demands of business in the current global economic environment and align workforce with its "strategic priorities" and "requirements" of clients.

On June 15, an employee of Tech Mahindra was called by the company's HR representative only to ask him to tender his resignation within the next few hours. Seven of the biggest IT firms in the country are (already) in the process of laying off more than 56,000 engineers.

Mahindra apologises to sacked Tech Mahindra employee