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True meaning of the 4th of July

03 Juillet 2017

In the South during July 4 of 1860, local militia companies marched in their uniforms and celebrated the talk of war. Hosting a July 4th barbecue for the first time may have some hosts anxious about throwing a summer soirée to remember, but fun is sure to be had if hosts do not forget to include the following backyard barbecue essentials this Independence Day.

Nowhere else in history have so few sacrificed so much for so many than the United States of America - from the war for independence to the Civil War, WWI, WWII to the war on terror. His chief opponent was, of course, Thomas Jefferson, and it is remarkable that the two of them-along with old Ben Franklin and Robert Livingston and Roger Sherman- comprised the "Committee of Five", the body charged by the Continental Congress with drafting a declaration of independence from England.

Had the second day of July become the celebration day, though, it would have come with an interesting footnote. By July 2, he was barely lucid, and died at Monticello around 12:50 on the Fourth.

The value of fireworks imported from China to the United States in 2015.

No Fourth of July barbecue is complete without food, so hosts should be sure to stock up on popular barbecue fare like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Public readings of the freshly-written Declaration of Independence were held in Philadelphia's Independence Square amid bells ringing and bands playing. It's truly a stirring work.

At least once an episode someone comes in with some really awesome pieces of American history and the experts they call in are full of all sorts of interesting and wonderful information. But looked at in the context of when it was written, and accepted by the Continental Congress, it was stunningly fearless. We celebrate our Declaration. But it's important to remember that things could have turned out differently. Their charge was to write a document that spelled out the independence we enjoy today, some 240 years later. Whether we recognize it or not, we still share in a radical idea, the notion that human beings are capable of governing themselves. That we would not follow the lead of a tyrant, Britain's monarch. And neighbors from small town main street to Manhattan engage in nose-crushing debate on a almost daily basis. The custom eventually spread to other cities and towns, where the day was marked with processions, oratory, picnics, contests, games, military displays and fireworks.

Coupe des Confédérations - L'Allemagne décroche son premier sacre !
Elle fut d'abord utilisée après un coup de coude de Jara dans le visage de Werner. Pourtant, les Allemands ont souffert.

Sung in country songs, printed on T-shirts and shouted during rallies, this popular American idiom has become just as recognizable as the national anthem.

Our current American flag design was chosen in 1960.

Many of us look forward to the celebration of July 4th.

Sometimes it takes a day commemorating a monumental division to remind us that we all are on the same side. I knew that, although he carried a big-barreled chest, inside lived a child that came out to play with us on those two holidays.

It's a magnificent, stirring, living tale. I think those founders would be amazed at the inspiration their words provide to us today and how the nation they founded has grown and provided opportunity for so many. The United States, by design, is an ever-changing creation.

Today, we're almost splayed out with deep-rooted divisiveness, if we believe politicians, media and agitprop activity. Our beginnings were a clear demarcation of our vibrancy, our fearlessness, our desire for re-creation, our resolve.

True meaning of the 4th of July