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Small plane crashes in North Georgia; 4 dead

03 Juillet 2017

The Price County Sheriff's Office reported that it received a call from air-traffic controllers at about 3:20 a.m. Saturday, reporting that a radio contact had been lost with an aircraft that dropped rapidly in altitude over Price County.

In a telephone interview late Saturday, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said that it did not appear that anyone on the ground had been injured and added that it was unknown whether any property had been damaged.

WSAW-TV said the crash victims were all adults.

Officials say when they went to the location of the crash they saw the two engine piper plane was missing two of its wings.

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Portions of the plane broke off and there was debris over a wide area. Seven local fire departments responded to the scene, along with the sheriff's office, ambulance crews, the county coroner and federal officials. As we gather more and more evidence, we will get a better picture of what happened.

Several pieces of the craft were not found Sunday morning.

The path of the crash led from Ramsey Road across a wooded area and creek, over a low-lying field, across Piney Hill and ended with the fuselage and passenger compartment on a hill on the north side of the road.

Small plane crashes in North Georgia; 4 dead