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Savage toll of dog attacks on mail workers

03 Juillet 2017

There were 67 attacks on postmen in Northern Ireland from April 2016 to April 2017.

The region with the highest number of dog incidents in the past year was Northern Ireland, with 67, followed by Brighton and Peterborough.

A union and Royal Mail study has revealed that around 14,500 dog attacks have taken place over the last five years in the UK.

From April 2016 to April 2017 around five postmen and women were attacked across the BB postcode area by dogs, down 17 per cent on the previous year.

"Then the postman turned and left, the next day the same things happened and your dog got his way again". It shouldn't be part and parcel of the job, getting attacked.

The awareness week, which runs from Monday until July 8, aims to raise awareness of the issue of dog attacks and encourage responsible dog ownership.

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Dr Shaun Davis, Royal Mail's group global director of safety, health, well-being and sustainability, said the company knows most dogs aren't unsafe, and they're not singling out particular breeds - but they do want to give people some simple tips, since over 70% of attacks on postal workers happen in the front garden or porch.

A spokesman for the Post Office said: "This reduction in attacks is encouraging, but it is still too high". At those times dogs are more likely to be unsupervised in the garden, or the dog is not kept under control when the postman or woman knocks on the door.

An amendment to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 introduced in May 2014 expanded the legislation to cover private property as well as public spaces, giving postal workers in England and Wales more protection if they are attacked in a garden and on a doorstep while making a delivery.

"Some of these attacks have led to extremely serious and life changing injuries and this is unacceptable. Postmen and women need to be able to deliver the service they provide in communities across the United Kingdom without the risk of injury".

"We need to keep raising awareness of this serious issue".

Savage toll of dog attacks on mail workers