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Kaspersky Offers Source Code To US Government

03 Juillet 2017

The founder of this company, Eugene Kaspersky, has said that he's open to handing over the source code to the United States if that will help them believe that Kaspersky's products haven't been compromised by the Russians.

The founder of the Russian security vendor bearing his last name, Eugene Kaspersky, has taken the unusual step of promising to hand over the source code for the company's products to the United States government to avoid being banned.

"We're even willing to meet with any of them and give them our source code to thoroughly review it, as we've got nothing to hide", Kaspersky wrote.

CEO Eugene Kaspersky is eager to appease the American government, and is willing to break an unspoken law in software - never reveal proprietary source code.

Kaspersky Lab has been the subject of lawmaker skepticism in recent months due to its suspected relationship with the Russian government.

Suspicions came to a head this week when the Senate floated a proposal that would bar the use of Kaspersky Lab products by the USA military.

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There is no public evidence that Kaspersky has been compromised by the Russian government.

Over the past weeks, the government has voiced its concerns over several issues, such as Eugene Kaspersky being schooled at a KGB-backed institution as a boy, and his subsequent service in Russian military intelligence.

His company maintains worldwide research facilities, including a presence in the United States.

The FBI visited the homes of more than 10 Kaspersky employees in the United States last week to question them about the connection between the company's US and Russian offices.

Kaspersky products are used in a variety of state and federal government facilities.

Kaspersky Offers Source Code To US Government