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White House blames Obama for failing to stop Russia collusion

26 Juin 2017

Appearing on Synday's "State of the Union" on CNN, Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee's top Democrat, was not shy about sharing his thoughts on former President Barack Obama's relative inaction when it came to Russian electoral meddling. "Did nothing about it. WHY?"

Schiff said he had to contest Mr. Trump's comments, given that the president had "openly egged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's emails" and Mr. Obama didn't want to "play into the narrative" by Mr. Trump that the election was going to be rigged. President-elect Donald Trump wasted no time in denouncing the Central Intelligence Agency findings as "ridiculous".

Alex Halderman at Michigan University informs of a research of DRE (direct recording electronic) voting machines by him along with his team since ten years to find that the machines were capable of being reprogrammed such that they could maneuver to get a particular candidate to become the victor.

Schiff said Obama should have done "a lot more" and disclosed the interference much earlier.

The Kremlin has denied such meddling and Trump has denied any collusion.

Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and the National Security Agency, said that while USA intelligence agencies treated the situation with sufficient urgency previous year, the policy officials in the White House did not do enough to meet the threat, even if the political reasons were understandable.

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Some top Democrats have begun downplaying Russian Federation in response to the Washington Post report.

Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to Mr. Trump, also said on ABC on Sunday that Mr. Obama had a duty to act on Russian hacking and that while Mr. Trump believes Russia was involved, "others are hacking" as well. He questioned the administration for not stopping the Russians. "We had to vet that with the intelligence community, but we took that step because we weren't succeeding in getting the administration to do it itself", Schiff said.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of IL said Friday that letting political motivations stall action against Russian Federation would be a mistake for his party. The CIA gave him information on Russian Federation a long time before they even - before the election....

On Twitter Monday, Trump also said that President Barack Obama did "NOTHING about Russian Federation after being notified by the Central Intelligence Agency of meddling" because "he expected Clinton would win".

Instead of complaining about Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump should back the bill passed by the Senate to impose greater sanctions on Russian Federation and limit the president's ability to unilaterally lift them, Mr. And to treat Putin as an ally and a friend is wrong.

"I don't think Vladimir Putin elected Donald Trump, but I think we also have to recognize the fact that this happened", Kinzinger said on CNN. "If we weren't upset about it, we have no right to complain in the future", he said.

White House blames Obama for failing to stop Russia collusion