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Wettlaufer sentencing hearing begins Monday

26 Juin 2017

Wettlaufer made her apology during her sentencing hearing at a Woodstock, Ont., court.

In each case, Wettlaufer admitted to injecting seniors with harmful or lethal amounts of insulin.

CARP and the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly are demanding that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne hold a public inquiry into the Elizabeth Wettlaufer murders and the "systematic failures of long-term care".

In addition to Wettlaufer's life sentence for murder, she was also sentenced to 10 years in prison for each of the four attempted murder counts and seven years on each of the aggravated assault counts.

He said his father was his teacher, hero and best friend, and that the two shared a bond of mutual respect.

"She'll never see the light of day", he said outside the courthouse.

"Our trust has been irreparably damaged and we are now uncertain as to the level of care that we will receive when our time comes, due to the actions of Ms. Wettlaufer", the statement said. They explained that one sibling had been against sending him to Caressant Care, because it seemed like a "substandard" facility.

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Jane Silcox added that her grandfather's murder has torn up her family. "She was the shadow of death that passed over them on the night shift where she supervised".

"I am truly sorry for the people I injured or murdered..."

"I will miss him always", she said. She said she became depressed and lost her job after his death, and that his absence has left a "void" in her life.

Homicide cases with multiple victims are uncommon in Canada.

Sandy Millard, whose 87-year-old mother died in October 2011, said she often hasn't wanted to leave the house or reach out to family since learning of the nurse's crimes. "Finding out [my mother] was killed by a huge injection of medication she did not need broke my heart", Millard said. "She fought the predator and cried out for over an hour and no one answered her".

Crown prosecutors have said they are proposing a joint submission with the defence on sentencing.

Wettlaufer sentencing hearing begins Monday