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Verdict reached in trial of man accused of killing Baby Doe

26 Juin 2017

The jury in the Bella Bond murder trial reached a verdict Monday morning, finding Michael McCarthy guilty of second degree murder in the death of the two-year-old girl.

Prosecutors had charged McCarthy with first-degree murder, but the judge said jurors could also consider two lesser charges - second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Michael McCarthy watches as jury selection begins for his murder trial in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston on May 22, 2017.

Michael McCarthy was charged in the 2015 killing of Bella Bond, his girlfriend's daughter.

Under this conviction, McCarthy will be eligible for parole after serving fifteen years in prison. "Finally justice for Bella", said Meghan Fewtrell, Bella's godmother.

The girl's mother, Rachelle Bond, testified that McCarthy killed her daughter. Investigators trying to identify the child launched a billboard campaign featuring an artist's depiction of what she might have looked like in life with the headline "Did you know me?" The girl was on the bed at the time, according to Bond, and Bond said her whole body bounced with the force of the blow. "Since day one, I have done everything in my power and my sister and my girlfriend, her family everybody, they've been supported There's not going to be a unsafe man on the street able to hurt another child". He had allegedly been obsessed with the occult for years. "Bella saved my life".

Though McCarthy used to be Sprinsky's best friend, Sprinsky said he was relieved with the verdict. "He's a sick psychotic individual". Sitting a few feet away from Conley was McCarthy's father, Joseph Sr., who attended every day of the trial.

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They explained that one sibling had been against sending him to Caressant Care, because it seemed like a "substandard" facility. She said she became depressed and lost her job after his death, and that his absence has left a "void" in her life.

"Karma takes care of bad people", he said. Conley did not have positive things to say about her behavior.

"She acted reprehensibly, I think we can all agree on that", Conley said.

Yesterday marked two years since Bella's remains washed ashore on Boston's Deer Island.

Conley said that Bond will be sentenced in a week or two, and she will be held accountable, noting she's spent almost two years in prison so far. Under a plea deal, Bond testified for the prosecution, accusing McCarthy of killing her daughter in their Dorchester apartment and then dumping Bella's body in the water in South Boston.

"He said it was her time to die, she was a demon", Bond said. The jury did not believe that argument.

A friend testified that McCarthy would lock the toddler in a closet to discipline her. Prosecutors alleged that McCarthy murdered Bella because he thought she was possessed by evil spirits. The state presented text he sent to McCarthy.

Verdict reached in trial of man accused of killing Baby Doe