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Trump says GOP isn't 'that far off' from passing health overhaul

26 Juin 2017

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote in a New York Times op-ed that the current bill from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) "leaves in place the pre-existing-condition rules that drive up the cost of insurance for everyone". His office said Friday the senator had no further comment for now.

"I have very serious concerns about the bill", Collins said in an interview with ABC's This Week.

On Twitter, Kennedy said: "I'll be reading through the Senate health care bill this weekend". GOP Senator Susan Collins of ME, who has not yet said she will vote against the bill, expressed reservations towards it to news outlets today. Other Republican lawmakers have also voiced reservations, casting doubt on the outcome.

Democrats have formed a united front against the controversial health measure, criticising it as a "war on Medicaid", the health care program for lower income Americans, and calling it a worse plan than one that passed the House of Representatives in May.

Republican leaders are expected to bring the 142-page bill to a vote this week.

"I would like to delay", he said.

Actually, only by killing this bill would these senators open the way for reasonable fixes to the ACA.

Another thing the Senate credits do is that they go down to more poor people, but the credits themselves will be smaller.

The center's analysis said the funding formula in the GOP bill would reward states that spend less on Medicaid per person than the national average. Trump earlier attacked Democrats for their "slam" on the healthcare proposal.

Then he criticized two prominent Democratic senators. "Not easy! Perhaps just let OCare crash & burn!"

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Ron Johnson is one of the five GOP senators who have publicly declared they won't vote for the American Health Care Act as it's now written. John Cornyn of Texas said there is "a sense of urgency" to push forward but acknowledged the outcome is "going to be close".

The US Senate bill resembles legislation the House approved last month.

Trump has spoken favorably about both the House-passed bill and the Senate version unveiled this week, though he declared several times as he ramped up his campaign for the presidency that he would not cut Medicaid.

The measure calls for reducing money for Medicaid. It would also slap annual spending caps on the overall Medicaid program, which since its inception in 1965 has provided states with unlimited money to cover eligible costs.

"Reducing our community mental health capacity and making it harder for people to get medications, therapy, case management, and support services that they need", she said. "And I'm not against it just because I want to be against it".

Kasich said he opposes the Senate bill and called on Republicans to change it.

"I think Congress has a responsibility of doing more work in a timely fashion than what we've been able to do so far", he said. Famous last words, right?

Trump says the Democrats' "theme is resist" and that "if it was the greatest bill ever proposed in mankind, we wouldn't get a vote" from them. "We don't have too much of a choice because the alternative is the dead carcass of Obamacare".

U.S. President Donald Trump says he and his Republican colleagues in the Senate are facing "a very narrow path" in their seven-year effort to overhaul the national healthcare reforms championed by former President Barack Obama.