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Trump orders clampdown on Cuba travel and trade

26 Juin 2017

Trump was not especially interested in United States policy on Cuba early on in his campaign. "Watch out!" José Ramón Cabañas wrote in a now-deleted tweet that included a picture of what appears to be a family of tourists walking by a street vendor, according to the Hill.

The Cuban government slammed Trump's rollback of policies made by the Obama Administration to restore ties between the two countries. "We will stand with the Cuban people in the struggle for freedom", Trump said at a rally in Miami.

"All the Trump administration is saying is, 'there's one thing we're going to change, and that is we're no longer going to permit individual travelers to purport to be traveling to Cuba under the education exemption, '" said Harry Clark, a partner at Orrick and chair of the law firm's worldwide trade and compliance group.

But, facing pressure from USA business and some of his fellow Republicans to avoid turning back the clock completely in relations with communist-ruled Cuba, he also will leave intact many of Obama's steps toward normalization.

Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Ark., said Trump's shift is more than just a missed opportunity for rural America, which would benefit from greater access to Cuba's agricultural import market. That method has been one of the more popular ways that US travelers have been seeing the island since Obama announced his changes.

On Friday, Trump rolled back some of Obama's 2014 policies toward Cuba, while announcing numerous new travel restrictions and rules against some commercial ties between the United States and its island neighbor.

But Trump has, in the past, apparently done business in Cuba - in violation of the embargo the USA had in place against the country.

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"Easing of restrictions on travel and trade does not help the Cuban people", he said at an event in Miami on Friday.

"Any strategy aimed at changing the political, economic and social system in Cuba, whether it seeks to achieve it through pressures and impositions, or by using more subtle methods, will be doomed to failure", an official statement released by the Cuban government said Saturday. "Our new policy begins with strictly enforcing U.S. law", he told a cheering crowd in Miami's Little Havana, the spiritual home of the Cuban-American community.

"Travel from the Cuba is an important way to encourage people-to-people diplomacy", the company said in its statement today.

Saying that the aim was to fix what Trump has called a "bad deal" struck by Obama, U.S. officials said the new administration would leave the door open to improved relations if Cuba undertakes democratic reforms such as allowing free elections and releasing political prisoners.

"When they get there, they have to spend their money with individual Cubans who have private businesses", Rubio told CBS on Sunday.

And in symbolism that will not be lost in Havana, his crowd included veterans of the ill-fated Brigade 2506, which in 1961 launched the failed USA -backed Bay of Pigs invasion.

Americans will no longer be able to travel to Cuba individually unless they fall into one of 12 previously established categories that will continue to include people-to-people but only if they are part of a group with a set schedule. Delta, JetBlue and American will adhere to new changes and will continue to fly their regular flights to Cuba, they said in statements. The policy memorandum directs the Treasury and Commerce departments to create new regulations within 30 days, although they wouldn't be in place for several months.

Trump orders clampdown on Cuba travel and trade