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'Transformers' tops box office but is biggest in China

26 Juin 2017

The fifth movie in the, now decade old, Transformers franchise, '#Transformers: The last knight', managed to win the #box office during its opening weekend.

The underwhelming box office figures come after the film received a critical savaging - with one critic claming that it will "kill your brain cells". It's nearest competition at the box office, '#Wonder Woman', continued on its record-setting pace.

It looks like audiences - or Western ones, at least - may finally be tiring of the Transformers franchise, with the latest instalment Transformers: The Last Knight debuting to a series low at the USA box office, grossing a $69.1 million five-day opening, and just $45.3 million across the Friday to Sunday period. Granted, these characters aren't almost as annoying as the Witwicky's were in the first couple films but still, a movie that's called Transformers focuses too much time away from the Transformers, even Optimus Prime is barely in the movie and he's all over the posters.

Transformers The Last Knight takes $241.5 million on its debut of which over 75% comes from a non United States market, the film is released in 42 countries. Pictures'Wonder Woman and Disney•Pixar's Cars 3 reported estimates of $25.2 million for the weekend (view full box office estimates here). So as long as there's money to be made against a production budget of $241 million, Paramount will release these movies.

This makes "Transformers: The Last Knight" the latest summer blockbuster to bank on overseas ticket sales to have a shot at turning a profit. "Transformers 5" made $123 million in China in its first week.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction eventually made over $1 billion Dollars at box-office.

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If it's any consolation, an earlier Transformers film is the box-office champ for an Independence Day weekend opening.

It throttled up to gross $25.2 million domestically in its second week for a local total just a shade under $100 million and a global haul of $141.3 million.

Wonder Woman dropped to number two with $41.3 million.

"Cars 3" has earned 99.9 million after just 10 days in theaters in North America.

"47 Meters Down", the adventures of two sisters who fend off a shark attack after going cage diving, scored $7.4 million.

"All Eyez On Me", $5.9 million ($1.1 million international). The feature garnered $5.5 million from Tuesday night previews, and only $15.6 million on its opening day. So far the movie, which stars Gal Gadot as the iconic DC superhero, has already out-earned Man of Steel's entire run and Iron Man's total worldwide earnings ($585 million).