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Theresa May Reaches Deal for Backing of Northern Ireland Party

26 Juin 2017

The Conservative Party and Northern Ireland's largest political party the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Monday have reached an agreement that will make possible for Prime Minister Theresa May to continue to lead the country with a minority government.

The DUP supported Brexit but has emphasised the need to keep the border with the Irish republic open, and Ms.

The issue is being dealt with at the start of the formal Brexit negotiations, which are expected to be completed within two years.

It comes as former Tory chairman Lord Patten warned the Conservatives would look like the "Nasty Party" if they cut a deal with the "toxic" Democratic Unionists.

The agreement means Northern Ireland will receive a £150m boost for broadband over the next two years, according to a document detailing the financial support given by the United Kingdom government.

He added: "The commitment to extend the Armed Forces Covenant to Northern Ireland is welcome but there are other important changes which are needed which are not mentioned". And, will all parts of the United Kingdom receive the much-needed additional funding that Northern Ireland will get as part of the deal?

The Ulster Farmers Union (UFU), Irish Congress of Trade Unions (NIC-ICTU), Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) together represent thousands of workers, farmers and businesses here.

"After weeks of secret backroom negotiations, the Tories have now signed a grubby deal with the DUP", Blackford said.

The Democratic Unionist Party has backed a deal to support the minority Tory government now in power. "So the agreement we have come to is a very, very good one".

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"Peter will not marry Paul in Northern Ireland", senior party member Jim Wells said earlier this year.

Northern Ireland's other political parties, principally Sinn Fein, have objected to a Conservative alliance with the DUP.

Below is a breakdown of the planned investment agreed with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) that May is prepared to fund through the province's power-sharing executive.

"We are agreed to meet the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitment of spending two percent of GDP on armed forces, and we are further commitment to the armed forces covenant and to its implementation throughout the United Kingdom", she said.

"I note that the agreement provides for DUP support for British government legislation on Brexit", he said.

Conservative Party lost its absolute majority in recently held General elections.

In his 2014 book "The DUP: From Protest To Power", Tonge found that 54 percent of party supporters "would mind a lot" if someone from their family married a person of another religion and 58.4 percent would not want their child to go to a non-Protestant school.

The Cabinet minister said the extra cash did not mean there would be more money for Wales or Scotland under the Barnett formula of allocating cash.

Northern Ireland has been without a devolved government since March when the main nationalist party, Sinn Fein, pulled out in protest over Foster's handling of a financial scandal.