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Hamilton -- Vettel is 'disgrace', 'prove you're a man'

26 Juin 2017

In a stop-start race, the safety vehicle came out three times in quick succession before a red flag stopped the grand prix near the midway point because debris littered the track.

After the race Vettel told reporters: "Nothing happened, did it?"

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was won by Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, his first race victory of the year.

Vettel was penalised with a 10-second stop-and-go penalty during the race after he banged wheels with Hamilton.

After eight races, Vettel leads Hamilton by 14 points. I don't have a radio to him.

"So I'd like to speak to him personally and hear what he says about the incident rather than making a judgement without properly having heard his statement".

A fortnight after breaking his F1 points duck with ninth on home ground in Montreal, Williams's rookie signing kept his composure in a insane Baku race to finish third - only losing second to recovering Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas in a photo-finish over the line.

"Then it just looked like a red mist moment to me, where he's lost it and taken a swipe at him - which was only ever going to result in a penalty".

"If he wants to prove that he is a man we should do it out of the vehicle and face to face".

Vettel refused to accept any blame for the incident and said he would call Hamilton to talk it over.

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"I think it's just not the correct driver conduct", said Hamilton.

Vettel incurred a 10-second penalty and three points on his licence, increasing his total to nine.

"The leader dictates the pace but we were exiting the corner, he was accelerating and the he braked so much that I couldn't - I was braking as soon as I saw but I couldn't stop in time and ran in the back of him".

Vettel's claim that he was "brake-tested" by Hamilton was quashed by both the International Motoring Federation (FIA) and Mercedes. No question. But to drive next to him and hit him on objective, I have never seen anything like this.

"I can't really believe it", said Ricciardo. "He's done something similar in China at the restart a couple of years ago so it's not the way to do it, I think".

"Of course he is a four-time world champion and in Formula 1 we are setting examples to all the young drivers out there about what is all allowed and what is not".

"It's going to be a great championship battle throughout the rest of this year".

Vettel now leads Hamilton by 14 points in the world championship.

"Yesterday was quite fantastic already, I had a few races where Saturdays didn't go well and got back into Q3 for first time since China, so today to get the podium is absolutely incredible". They are fighting for the race that wins and the championship.

Hamilton -- Vettel is 'disgrace', 'prove you're a man'