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Father: 'Secret Lance Stroll test not podium boost'

26 Juin 2017

"It was a good day, and it has been a good weekend", said Stroll.

Montreal's Lance Stroll rode to his first-even F1 podium finish on Sunday as he finished third at the Azerbaidjan Grand Prix in Bakou.

"Canada was great for my confidence, and I've felt more comfortable this weekend - jumping in the vehicle in FP1 I felt really confident immediately with the track, the balance - everything just came together. It's a great advantage to be able to go and spend a whole day on something".

"In Q3, because the track temperatures had dropped, it was hard to get the tyres ready in one lap and also because of the red flag, we only had time to do one push lap".

Lance Stroll's form in Baku is partly the result of extra testing conducted by the Canadian between the Montreal and Baku races, according to Williams Paddy Lowe.

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"I'm starting to figure it out with the auto, taking directions similar to the beginning of the year", Stroll said. But I think there are a lot of other things to it.

Stroll explained that his nascent level of performance has been the result of set-up changes at Williams, with the Canadian reverting back to settings used previously this season and which are similar to those used by team mate Felipe Massa. We drifted away to see if I'd prefer something different but we've come back to it and I feel so much more comfortable and confident in it. Scoring points there was obviously great, so it's a combination of things.

"I couldn't believe coming into the weekend that we would be on the podium".

"[The changes are] generic things that are common to most racing cars actually, just around how we've got the auto configured, which definitely helped him".

"They made some changes, they did some work with him", said Lowe, before adding: "He went to Austin last week driving the 2014 vehicle, so he did a few experiments there with set-up, looking at the differences between his set-up and Felipe's. It's a bit of everything".

Father: 'Secret Lance Stroll test not podium boost'