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DUP agrees deal to prop up Tory minority government

26 Juin 2017

Irish nationalists Sinn Fein said on Monday the money coming in to Northern Ireland from a pact by their pro-British rivals to prop up British Prime Minister Theresa May would not in itself help restore the province's regional administration.

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster said the details of the deal with the Conservatives will be published later.

It is also likely to raise questions about the timescale for the agreement, and the prospect of further financial demands from the DUP once the two-year funding offer is delivered.

"I think not, no", Adams said when asked if Foster's deal boosting infrastructure, education and health spending in the United Kingdom's smallest region would influence talks ahead of deadline in Belfast on Thursday.

Speaking to BBC News, Ian Blackford MP, leader of the SNP, said it is a "grubby deal".

"We very much want to see that protected and enhanced and we also share the desire to ensure a strong government, able to put through its programme and provide for issues like the Brexit negotiations, but also national security issues".

A Northern Ireland-based party has struck a deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives to support the prime minister in a crucial vote on the government's legislative package later this week. The Tories have also agreed to continue to meet the 2 percent North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spending commitment.

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"I hope the parties will look beyond their differences and come together with a shared sense of common objective to serve all communities in the best interests of Northern Ireland", May said in a statement.

The DUP will have "no involvement" in the Government's political talks in Northern Ireland and "recognises the need for early restoration of inclusive and stable" devolved government.

The Prime Minister said the DUP and the Tories "share many values" and the agreement was "a very good one".

The United Kingdom held the snap election on June 8, which resulted in a hung parliament as May's Conservative party got 318 mandates, thus failing to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons by falling short of the required 326 seats.

The deal could act as an incentive for Northern Ireland's political parties to return to the country's Parliament after months of deadlock over the power-sharing assembly.

The agreement will "remain in place for the length of the Parliament and can be reviewed by the mutual consent of both parties", the document says.

Agreement allows the Conservatives to govern despite losing their parliamentary majority.