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Principale » Cuban Americans speak out ahead of Trump's Little Havana visit

Cuban Americans speak out ahead of Trump's Little Havana visit

26 Juin 2017

President Donald Trump is planning to make good on his campaign promise and travels to Miami Friday to announce his intentions to reverse the changes to Barack Obama's Cuba policy, by setting guidelines for business, severely handicapping their trading endeavors.

Later in the year, on the campaign trail in Miami during the fall election campaign, Trump condemned Obama's normalization of relations between the two countries, which he called a "one-sided deal for Cuba and with Cuba, benefits only the Castro regime".

"My administration's policy will be guided by key US national security interests and solidarity of the Cuban people", according to a draft of the five-point, eight-page presidential policy directive obtained by Politico.

It ended an embargo of more than a half century, which had failed to produce a softening of the communist regime.

Those travels and visitors' ability to use Cuba's military-run bank are not believed to be affected by the Trump changes, though the Herald reports that the administration's new policy will include a broad restriction on interactions with the military branch that runs the majority of Cuba's economy.

Now, she thinks trump would be making a big mistake by tightening USA restrictions on the island nation.

Trump is expected to announce the changes Friday at Miami's Manual Artime Theater surrounded by prominent Cuban-Americans who back the move. It could return US-Cuban relations to the chilly days of the Cold War.

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The revised Cuba policy is aimed at stopping the flow of US cash to the country's military and security services, the White House announced.

No changes will be made to USA trade embargo.

But the Republican administration has been under heavy pressure from Cuban-American lawmakers such as U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and U.S. Representative Mario Diaz-Balart to take a much harder line than Trump's Democratic predecessor. It's a shame that President Trump listened to two hardline members of Congress instead of the majority of his Republican base, the majority of the American people and nearly every single Cuban on the island.

Independent Cuban enterprises not affiliated with the military, which are smaller and far fewer in number, will still be permitted to do business with USA citizens and companies under Trump's policy, Politico's report said. USA airlines and cruise ships restored service to the communist-run island.

The president will also unveil a series of "very specific benchmarks" in a speech in Miami on Friday that Cuban President Raul Castro needs to meet in order to negotiate with the USA, according to White House officials on Thursday.

The main focus of the policy will attempt to shift money away from the military and intelligence services "that contribute to oppression on the island", one official said. "Travel between our two countries continues to increase and strengthen an evolving bilateral relationship".