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$2b Worth of US Drones for India

26 Juin 2017

Washington, Jun 25 The first meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump is expected take the Indo-US ties to the next level. The Trump administration has indicated it could take a tougher stance on Pakistan, which India has long accused of harboring militant groups.

However, expect some gushing and photos of two hand grips and awkward hugs that are sure to make it to the tweets of the two leaders. "It is scary when we hear reports of attacks against Indians in the USA", she told PTI. Regardless of what led to the diaspora leaving their home country, there was one thing the PM wanted to make clear to them - that their dreams for India will be fulfilled, in their lifetime.

During the visit, Modi is expected to discuss India's key concerns which include the U.S. government's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord and reviewing the H1B visa program, under which thousands of skilled Indian workers go to the US.

"We are really seeking to roll out the red carpet", said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Prime Minister Modi is to interact with Indian-Americans in Washington DC suburb of Virginia later tonight.

Costa visited India in January this year after becoming head of government last year.

Six months into his term, President Trump has still not found the people to fill administrative posts. The US trade deficit with India is among those Trump has tasked the US Commerce Department to investigate and recommend corrective policy. Since 2008, India and the USA have signed US$15 billion (Dh55.1bn) in defence contracts. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., the company that makes the aircraft, announced Friday that the administration had approved of the sale, the first of its kind between the usa and a non-NATO country.

This is to be seen how the Indian government tackles this contentious issue. "Look forward to welcoming India's PM Modi to on Monday".

"We will establish a joint innovation, and research & development fund. The time to talk is now", R. Chandrashekhar, president of Nasscom, the Indian IT industry's trade body, said in a recent interview.

While Trump said that India and China were trying to gain "billions and billions and billions of dollars" through the climate pact, the whole world condemned Washington's decision.

"The role of Indian-Americans in government is profound", Schweikert said.

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During the visit, a major area of discussion will be counter-terrorism.

Another topic of discussion is expected to be a need for strategic partnership between the USA and India in terms of "willingness of both the countries to join hands in technology exchange and defense co-operation".

Marillyn Hewson, the CEO of Lockheed Martin, will also meet Modi.

On the issue of climate change, U.S. withdrawal has weakened the Paris Agreement.

With more than 30 million followers, Prime Minister Modi is the second most followed world leader on Twitter after President Trump.

"The positions are well-known". But with the signing of a treaty in New Delhi in December 1974, bilateral relations were restored.

"He should emphasize that India is slowly getting into renewable energies and technology transfer is important", added the expert.

"The White House is every interested in making this a special visit", the senior administration official said.

Analysts said Monday's meeting at the White House would give Modi the chance to size up a United States leader whose focus has so far been on ties with India's regional rival China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to work closely with the Trump administration, but obstacles soon emerged on issues such as trade and visas for Indians wanting to work in the United States.

$2b Worth of US Drones for India