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Will Georgia Democrats, GOP see an 'Ossoff effect' in 2018?

24 Juin 2017

"In the districts where we are truly competitive, I don't think that [anti-Pelosi] message is going to hold very much", said Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif.

Democratic finger-pointing has begun after the party's loss in Tuesday's closely watched special election in Georgia, and for some members, the blame partly belongs to their House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. "So, we've got to stand for those issues, we've got to fight for those issues, but the thrust of our message needs to be an economic one, because no matter who's hearing you, and you may be with them on the other issues, they know that you're talking about what they're thinking about every day at their own kitchen table".

Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesman, said she's done more than just raise money and that Pelosi is "without rival" as a legislative tactician.

But some rank-and-file House Democrats scoffed at such explanations and raised questions about Pelosi's continued leadership. Another rising House Democrat, former California Rep. Xavier Becerra, departed the House in late 2016 to accept an appointment as California's attorney general. Of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi he added, "She's less popular than Donald Trump in my district".

Ryan told NPR on Wednesday that the ads that Republican groups ran harnessing Pelosi's unpopularity with their GOP base voters were clearly effective. "So, we are paving a way for a new generation of leadership".

"This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it's clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party we need new leadership".

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"We as Democrats have to come to terms with the fact that we lost again", said Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass.

Pelosi insisted that the current leadership structure already gives opportunities to younger members, telling reporters, "I have always featured the young 30-somethings. and they are so impressive".

In the Ossoff race, even though the 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer ended up running a more centrist and not Trump-centric campaign, Republicans were able to zero in on the more than $23 million in donations Ossoff raised, largely from liberal enclaves like California and NY, and make an easy connection to Pelosi. No other potential up-and-coming Democratic challenger to her leadership comes close.

A top aide to Pelosi dismissed the blaming, saying that Pelosi still enjoys broad support among the conference, and that any party leader would be subject to partisan attacks. But he said there is no doubt that "this is one occasion when we ought to say he deserves to take a victory lap". His 2015-16 giving was well behind Pelosi a year ago, at $592,500.

Cher's tweet is by no means the first time the singer has expressed her political views.

In a letter to her colleagues on Wednesday about the special elections, Pelosi maintained an upbeat tone. "(Tom) Daschle was a target, Tip O'Neill was a target", Pelosi said.

Will Georgia Democrats, GOP see an 'Ossoff effect' in 2018?