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Sinn Féin and DUP called out over Brexit

24 Juin 2017

It is now a distinct possibility that Theresa May will fail to rally a parliamentary majority. But a deal remains elusive. May's government are faltering.

Sky quoted the sources as saying the DUP is urging May's government to give "greater focus" to the negotiations and that the DUP "can't be taken for granted". As per a report in The Guardian, the legal team is planning to apply for a judicial review of the deal once it is announced.

The Conservatives and the DUP have been negotiating for 11 days, apparently without promising results.

"My government's priority is to secure the best possible deal as the country leaves the European Union", the Queen said.

The Queen's Speech didn't include numerous Mayite policies that she had stood on in the general election.

It was revealed yesterday that DUP leader Arlene Foster had sent letters to the Scottish government seeking to interfere over equal marriage.

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Mrs. May can not count on a solid parliamentary majority over the next two years, unless she looks for an ally elsewhere, probably at the expense of a so-called "hard Brexit". Ten Downing Street and its Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, James Brokenshire, may believe they can remain honest brokers - and it is Brokenshire who is trying to negotiate the agreement at Stormont right now.

The agenda is essentially a watered down version of the Conservative Party's election campaign manifesto, a document widely blamed for the party's loss of command in Parliament. The magic number for a majority government is, in theory, 326 seats. Indeed, Sinn Féin, which wants a referendum on Irish unity, has already accused Theresa May of violating it.

Queen Elizabeth II sits alongside her son Prince Charles as she delivers the Queen's Speech during the state opening of Parliament in London on June 21, 2017.

The Prime Minister was the guest speaker at the Two Cities luncheon event, a major Conservative fundraising showpiece which dates back more than 50 years. In any case, all parties today want to avoid a "hard" Brexit that reimposes a strong border and endangers trade links, which would likely cause both economic hardship and political agitation.

Last week, Mr Varadkar warned Ms May about getting too close to the DUP, as both governments have roles as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, which secured peace in the region after decades of conflict.

Senior Conservative sources said talks with the DUP were ongoing in the hope of reaching a confidence and supply arrangement, under which the Northern Irish party would not join the Government but would guarantee to ensure its survival by voting with it on financial measures and no-confidence motions.

Sinn Féin and DUP called out over Brexit