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Should Nancy Pelosi Step Down?

24 Juin 2017

Vela said that Nancy isn't the only reason that Jon lost, but she is one of the reasons. "But I am honored by the support".

Democratic finger-pointing has begun after the party's loss in Tuesday's closely watched special election in Georgia, and for some members, the blame partly belongs to their House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. The GOP's candidate, Karen Handel, was considered weak and an easy target for the heavily financed Democrats, whose ample war chest poured in from donors on the left coast, California, and other liberal bastions.

On June 22, Pelosi pushed back on calls for her to step down, asserting that she had no intention of retiring.

But Pelosi argued the GOP attack ads were motivated by her ability to usher major legislation through Congress during the Obama era, including the healthcare law and Wall Street reform.

Pelosi said: "Usually they go after the most effective leaders because they want to diminish the opportunity that we have". But, talking about the 2006 midterm elections isn't going to win her any sympathy from the younger generation of Democrats, who want to shake up the party and are exhausted of losing congressional races time and time again. I'm a strategic, politically astute leader.

In retort Thursday, Pelosi said, "I think I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly".

In 2010, when she was seeking the state's Republican gubernatorial nomination, Handel laughed when asked whether she supports marriage equality. During Wednesday's caucus meeting, Pelosi reportedly stressed to her fellow lawmakers that while the results have been disappointing, the party was making headway in districts that have been largely Republican-controlled for years. Dem gov nominee MORE had won the presidential election last November.

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But Pelosi didn't sound like she was going anywhere on Thursday. But she chose to stick around after Trump defied expectations of most members of Congress and won the Electoral College. No matter what the losing side says - and they always say this - the only thing that really matters when it comes to special elections is the "W" and the "L". "And yes, she is a great fundraiser, but if the money we're raising through her leadership is not helping us win elections, then we have to have this conversation now", Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-Ny.) said on MSNBC Thursday. "We know how to run against a Nancy Pelosi-run party".

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also spoke of the potent tool Pelosi is for Republicans to use against Congressional Democrats.

Pelosi "consistently polls very unfavorably", said John Rogers, the executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee - the House GOP's campaign arm.

And no wonder. The party that wants to be thought of as pro-civil rights, pro-equality, pro-people has turned a corner in recent times, smack into Anti Territory.

Trump said the victory "was very big", adding "I think I helped a lot". "But today I don't feel that way at all - I feel proud".

But since the media collectively declared it a referendum on Trump-and would have gone haywire if Ossoff had won-there is a reckoning about what the Democratic Party stands for.

Should Nancy Pelosi Step Down?