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Restraint evident in Castile protests

24 Juin 2017

July 6: Castile is fatally shot after Yanez stops his vehicle in Falcon Heights. For her, the verdict could also serve as a wake-up call for older, more well-off African-Americans who have viewed police shootings as a problem that didn't affect them.

The jury began deliberations on Monday, after just five days of testimony, evidence and arguments. After the verdict, Castile's family reacted with anger outside the courthouse in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The small city (Saint Anthony Village, Minnesota) that employed Yanez as a policeman dismissed him immediately after he was found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

He told the court he feared for his life and said Mr Castile did not follow his orders, which was denied by the prosecution who said he had been courteous and polite.

Juror Dennis Ploussard says most jurors voted for acquittal early on.

"Today, my heart is with the family of Philando Castile".

"We struggled with it". While we cannot know the jury's thinking in Mr. Yanez's trial, we can know the context in which his trial took place, and should not be surprised by its outcome. The rest were white.

Ali said she thinks activism needs to move beyond "galvanizing around every murder" to address deeper issues and policy. Yanez fired seven shots in the direction of Castile in rapid succession. Yanez had initially singled out Castile for a traffic stop because the officer thought he bared a resemblance to a robbery suspect. Castile had a permit. The officer asked Castile not to pull out the handgun.

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Martin, a resident of Glenside, Pennsylvania said, Once you admit that you are a "concealed carry holder" and try to show your license, the officer will immediately reach out to his weapon. The entire encounter, he assures Yanez that he's following Yanez's instructions.

July 11: Forty-six people are charged with rioting for the I-94 protest.

But Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, who filed charges against the officer, declared such fear unreasonable.

It was the third day of protests in the Minneapolis-St.

'The system continues to fail black people I am so disappointed in the state of Minnesota.

After the verdict, the victim's mother Valerie Castile said: 'I'm mad as hell right now.

"Taking another person's life is the most extreme action a police officer can take, and consequently new standards are needed to better ensure that police killings happen rarely", she said.

U.S. Senator Al Franken of Minnesota on Saturday said Castile did not deserve to die. "I will never have faith in the system". In Minnesota, defense attorneys and prosecutors can each strike one assigned judge from a case without giving a reason.

Restraint evident in Castile protests