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Rep. Pete King: Georgia Win Should Tell Trump 'Don't Bother Tweeting'

24 Juin 2017

With Republican Party victories in Georgia and SC, the special elections since Donald Trump was elected have the GOP undefeated in four outings, and it is something four-time presidential adviser David Gergen says should be worrisome to Democrats because, even though all politics is local, as the saying goes, national politics, by extension, is a lot of locals.

King has criticized the Trump's tweeting habits before.

Democrats say Jon Ossoff's showing means they're actually making progress toward making Georgia a genuine battleground.

When I'm back in CT, I often get on a commuter bus and ride it for just an hour to talk to folks. Ryan made it clear after his failed bid to oust Pelosi in the fall that he wasn't planning to challenge her again and was just supporting the effort.

Incidentally, Murphy isn't completely urging Democrats to completely abandon blame-game politics. "They will do this to any and every Democratic leader because the only thing sustaining their majority is desperation". "That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' (Senate Minority Leader) Chuck (Schumer) stay!"

Trump, who spoke to the network Thursday at the White House, touted the recent Republican victory in a Georgia special election. "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Ossoff would vote with Nancy Pelosi to weaken our military. They demonized her in 2006. Pelosi acknowledged the attacks but added, "I think I'm worth the trouble". We need a vision-where are we going?

Lakers' coaching staff full of Arizona Wildcats must take on Ball circus
Ball's play during his one season at UCLA has evoked much optimism about how that could translate over at the next level. Ball had a pre-draft workout with the Lakers and 'didn't blow them away, ' according to a June 12 Bleacher Report .

"Say "no" to Pelosi's "yes" man", blared one ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC. But Pelosi insisted she's already done that by bringing younger members into leadership.

RICE: Well, that's not going to be for me to decide, but we have to as a caucus, have this conversation. "If we don't, then I think it's incumbent upon her and all of us to reassess who our leadership should be".

The House minority leader has served as the face of House Democrats since she helped engineer her party regain control of the House of Representatives in 2007 to become the first female speaker.

"If there's a path to the Democratic Party regaining control of the House, it starts in California", the newly elected state Democratic chairman, Eric Bauman, told the New York Times.

LINDA SANCHEZ: In the previous election, the Republican candidate won by more than 20 points.

"I think in this instance it had a motivating effect for our voters on the turnout front", Rogers said Wednesday. After the election, he conceded, saying, "As darkness has crept across this planet, [Ossoff supporters] have provided a beacon of hope for people here in Georgia and people around the world [.] We showed the world that in places where no one thought it was even possible to fight, we could fight". Ultimately, Pelosi still got support from about two-thirds of the caucus, though the 63 votes Ryan garnered were the most serious defection Pelosi has ever faced.

"Our districts here that are in play are way more competitive than the Georgia 6th", Thowfeek said. Last cycle alone, she raised $141.5 million.