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Pelosi defends leadership following loss in Georgia special election

24 Juin 2017

"That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' Chuck stay!" It's not fair. It's not accurate in its attacks on our leader, but it's effective.

Donald Trump would very much like the resistance to be less organized, so he's trying to undermine the leaders of the resistance in the House and Senate by latching on to internal criticism of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the wake of Karen Handel's win in the very red district of Georgia.

The fact is - Schumer and Pelosi are the Democrats biggest problem.

A handful of Democrats have publicly said that after losing four special elections since January, especially a race in the Atlanta suburbs earlier this week, and failing to regain the majority in the House in the last four national elections, their party needs new leadership in the House.

That the Pelosi-bashing continued to hurt Democrats - already struggling to get their bearings after Trump's win in November - left some fuming after a morning meeting Wednesday.

Pelosi, 77, has led the House Democratic caucus for almost 15 years, from the minority into the majority and back again.

The California Democrat has always been a boogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values and a reminder of why even if they may like their individual member or candidate, a vote for that Democrat would be a step toward putting Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

"She's less popular than Donald Trump in my district", Ryan told CNN's Don Lemon.

On Tuesday, by contrast, Georgia voters were less comfortable with Ossoff, as they have been with Democrats across the South for some time.

"This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it's clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party we need new leadership".

"I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly", she said. But the point is, the results in Georgia, while a gut punch for Democrats, may actually be a canary in the coal mine for Republicans.

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The president wrote Thursday: "I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out". If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker.

Well, both are minorities. The ads were successful; Democrats lost all four races. It would be one thing if the Russians had disseminated lies about Hillary Clinton, but instead they exposed damaging truths about her.

In a letter to her colleagues on Wednesday about the special elections, Pelosi maintained an upbeat tone.

Put on defense, House Democratic leaders from Pelosi on down tried to spin the outcome in Georgia as positive, arguing that coming in a close second in the solidly Republican district augured well for their chances of taking back the House next year.

Ironically, a Democrat came closer to an upset in Tuesday's other special election - one the national party hardly contested - in a rural SC district that Trump won by 19 points. Abandoned Bill Clinton? Disavowed Barack Obama? It's that their ideas don't work, so they just attack and demonize Republicans.

Truth be told, nothing would hurt the Democrats more than an authentic referendum on their policy agenda - a legitimate unfolding of the democratic process they profess to treasure.

The Democratic flub may well reinforce Washington's Republican-ruled status quo, starting with the health care deform that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is crafting under cover of darkness.

Lastly, women see this for what it is.

And after she predicted incorrectly that Democrats were poised to take back the House a year ago, some of Pelosi's colleagues feel that this time around, she needs to deliver.

If there is any doubt as to how angry women are, look at the box office this summer and ask yourselves, why is Wonder Woman outperforming the male dominated summer blockbuster season.

Pelosi defends leadership following loss in Georgia special election