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London Tower Blaze Started In Fridge-Freezer

24 Juin 2017

The police investigation is focused on how the blaze started, how it spread so fast and whether any person or organizations should be held responsible, Detective Chief Superintendent Fiona McCormack told a press briefing.

McCormack said that in view of the heavy death toll, police were considering manslaughter charges over the disaster.

Whirlpool said 64,000 of the fridges were manufactured by Indesit between 2006 and 2009, when the model was discontinued, several years before Whirlpool acquired the company.

Referring to the tiles and insulation on the outside of the building, which have been widely blamed for the rapid spread of the flames, she said: "All I can say at the moment is they don't pass any safety tests".

So far, samples of cladding and insulation collected from the building have failed safety tests.

Repeating concerns from police commander Stuart Cundy about the scale of the task in identifying the victims, Ms McCormack added: "There is a bad reality that we may not find or identify everyone who died due to the intense heat".

The fire is believed to have claimed the lives of 79 people with the fire destroying over 151 homes.

In an emotional phone call, Fadumo Ahmed told her mom she was stuck on the upper floors of Grenfell Tower as the deadly blaze raged.

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"There may well be people who no one has contacted us about - who they know were in the building or have close links to Grenfell Tower".

She added that the government could test more than 100 samples a day, through the Building Research Establishment, with the results coming within hours. "We are addressing this as a matter of utmost urgency".

Business Minister Margot James wrote to trade associations representing all major household appliance manufacturers last week outlining the government's expectation of action by their members should a household appliance be found to have played a part in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The detective superintendent also said she's anxious that the authorities might not have a true sense of how many people were in the building, in part because people who lived there or knew someone who did might be fearful of having their immigration status reviewed.

Hotpoint said "words can not express our sorrow at this bad tragedy" and have expressed their "profound condolences" to the victims of the blaze. The police said that every complete body had been recovered from the building, but that the authorities were still working to identify remains.

In addition to to the faulty appliance, cladding on the outside of the building and insulation failed tests. The media is focusing on the unit of the Rydon Group that refurbished Grenfell Tower in 2016.

"We want to provide the best possible answers for all those who have been affected by the tragedy".

McCormack said she feared more people could have been killed in the fire amid concerns some of the people living there had been in the country illegally. McCormack said all companies involved in the building and refurbishment of the building would be reviewed.