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Another court rules out Donald Trump's travel ban

24 Juin 2017

Sessions claims the court order prevents Trump from practicing his legal authority to protect the United States under Article II of the US Constitution.

Hawaii, Virginia and Seattle have also challenged the ban.

US President Donald Trump's renewed attempt to temporarily ban travel to the States from six Muslim-majority countries has been blocked by an appeals court.

The court cited two previous Supreme Court cases in its conclusion - including one in 1944 involving the containment of Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II, an idea that then-Justice Frank Murphy said "falls into the ugly abyss of racism".

After his first order was defeated in federal court, Trump criticized the judges for their rulings.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, an overwhelmingly liberal court, ruled unanimously that the temporary travel ban should remain on hold - the final judicial blow as attorneys prepare for a likely showdown before the Supreme Court.

Monday's decision from the Ninth Circuit largely affirmed that ruling, reversing only the lower court's injunction against the administration conducting inter-agency reviews of its vetting procedures.

The Supreme Court could rule on the government's motions stays of the Fourth and Ninth Circuit rulings at any time, and experts predict that decision could come this week or next.

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"The order makes no finding that nationality alone renders entry of this broad class of individuals a heightened security risk to the United States".

She said she did not expect the Supreme Court to consider the case before the fall, making it hard for the administration to defend its argument that the travel ban was urgently needed.

The president subsequently issued the revised order, taking Iraq off the list of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Monday was the deadline for the ban's challengers to respond to the administration's request that the order be allowed to go into effect.

Gov. David Ige said, "Hawaii made the right decision in challenging a travel ban that had little factual basis and discriminated based strictly on national origin and religion".

Lawyers for Hawaii called the order a "thinly-veiled Muslim ban".

Trump previously attacked the Ninth Circuit back in April when it halted implementation of an executive order targeting "sanctuary" cities. "Lawsuits alone can not dismantle this multi-layered Muslim ban, and now is the time for Congressional intervention to finally defeat it and any backdoor bans once and for all".

Federal courts in both Maryland and Hawaii issued rulings suspending key parts of the ban.