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Turkish woman assaulted for `wearing shorts in Ramadan`

23 Juin 2017

Authorities in Turkey issued a warrant Wednesday for a man who was caught on camera punching a woman - because she was wearing shorts on Ramadan. She chased him as he went to leave the vehicle, but he threw her to the back of the bus and ran away.

University student Asena Melisa Saglam was travelling on a bus in Istanbul when the assailant hurt her. Saglam said that throughout the journey the man had been verbally harassing her by saying she should not be wearing shorts during Ramazan, an AFP report said.

"The release of the attacker is a threat to all women", the women's rights organisation We Will Stop Femicide Platform wrote on Twitter. "We will not give up our freedoms".

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In response to the outcry, an order was given to re-arrest the culprit. It was later found out that he had been held in jail since Sunday on separate accusations of committing a tax crime and is also wanted for drugs offences.

Before the punch, the man - named in the Turkish press as Ercan Kizilates - allegedly asked her: "Are you not ashamed to dress this way during Ramadan?"

"I do not want him to walk around freely because I can not anymore", she said.

Turkish woman assaulted for `wearing shorts in Ramadan`