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Trump says he is 'very supportive' of Senate healthcare bill

23 Juin 2017

The association representing Arizona's hospitals says the Senate bill repealing much of the Affordable Care Act would be devastating to millions of Americans who rely on Medicaid for their care.

"Simply put, this bill will result in higher costs, less care and millions of Americans will lose their health insurance, particularly through Medicaid", Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a reaction speech Thursday.

The Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act would eventually make deeper cuts to the Medicaid program for the poor. They said it would lower costs. Assuming that it passes - which is far from assured at this point - Senate Republicans will have to work out their differences with the House to come up with a final bill before they can send it to President Donald Trump to sign it into law.

"The way this bill cuts health care is heartless".

"The Senate Republicans are trying to con Americans into thinking that they are fixing problems here, when in fact what they're doing is causing new ones", he said.

While it's unusual for a former president to comment on current policy debates, Obama's strong stance shouldn't be a surprise: the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is the defining part of Obama's domestic legacy.

Senators are likely to have only a handful of days to decide whether to support or vote against the 142-page bill, which was unveiled on Thursday.

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The Senate version of the bill (versus the House) was supposed to be the kinder, gentler version.

Gov. Cuomo Thursday trashed the U.S. Senate health care bill as an "ultra-conservative assault on New Yorkers and our values" that could hit the state hard.

However, according to NBC News, some key components of Obamacare will remain unchanged, such as protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions, and adults (up to age 26) will be able to maintain their parents' insurance coverage.

Both bills will mean less robust coverage and more out-of-pocket costs for poorer Americans compared to Obamacare.

Obama was apparently echoing a concern from President Trump, who reportedly called the House version of the bill "mean". Hoeven said he believes low-income people will have their high premiums offset by tax credits, while high-income people will experience more robust competition in a more open market that will lower premiums.

Rubio "has instructed his staff to share with state leaders the first draft and has asked them to run numbers and provide input on how this initial proposal would impact Florida's Medicaid program and individual insurance marketplace".

"I hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan", he said in Cedar Rapids.