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Spokeswoman: Trump thinks election hacking 'probably was Russia'

23 Juin 2017

In his testimony, Johnson said the DNC shrugged off the help.

The White House Thursday addressed the joint intelligence report that found Russian Federation had attempted to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, more than five months after the report's conclusions were made public.

U.S. President Donald Trump has blamed his predecessor, President Barack Obama, for letting the Russians hack the 2016 Presidential election.

Schiff pressed Johnson on why the administration did not go further than its October 7 statement, which Johnson said was overlooked by the press and the public because it coincided with the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump spoke of grabbing women by the genitals.

Trump then denounced the issue of Russian hacking as a Democratic "scam".

"Both publicly and privately, my staff and I repeatedly encouraged state and local election officials to seek our cybersecurity assistance", Johnson said.

"[The FBI] had gotten the information from the private party that they needed to understand the intrusion by the spring of 2016", Comey said.

Johnson explained that the Homeland Security Department had actually helped other departments with suspected hacks, and had been able to stem the damage - but the DNC just wasn't interested.

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The Washington Post reported that Trump is part of an obstruction-of-justice probe overseen by special counsel Robert Mueller, something Trump appeared to confirm in a tweet.

Bill Priestap, assistant director of counterintelligence division at FBI, said the bureau has initiated a number of investigations into foreign threat actors that targeted election-related systems in 2016.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer raised eyebrows Tuesday after stating that he had not had a discussion with the President on whether or not he believes Russian Federation meddled in the election. DHS acknowledges that Russia's intelligence officers went after elections systems in 21 states, only two of which - Arizona and IL - have been officially confirmed.

Trump seized on Johnson's comments, blasting the Democrats in an additional tweet for not working with the DHS to prevent the hacks.

Johnson said he was not aware of any information beyond what's been reported publicly and what the US intelligence community has gathered.

Trump has long raised doubts about whether Russian Federation was behind the hacking, something most Republicans and the entire intelligence community has determined.

"We do believe our voting system is as secure as any you'll find", Dean said. The question of whether the Obama administration did enough is up for debate, but Trump's assertion that the Obama administration sat on their hands while Russian Federation interfered in the election was false.

Spokeswoman: Trump thinks election hacking 'probably was Russia'