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Police consider manslaughter charges over fire

23 Juin 2017

Manslaughter charges are being considered by detectives investigating the Grenfell Tower fire as it emerged the structure had failed fire safety tests.

Seventy-nine people are missing or presumed dead following a horrifying blaze at the tower block in north Kensington, London.

Police officers have established that the initial cause of the Grenfell Tower fire was a fridge-freezer and that it was not started deliberately, Det Supt Fiona McCormack, who is overseeing the investigation, said on Friday.

Scotland Yard has launched a manslaughter inquiry after it emerged that the outside cladding and insulation on Grenfell Tower failed safety tests. "We are reviewing every company involved in the building and refurbishment".

McCormack also repeated calls for anyone with information about the fire and all those in the tower at the time to come forward as police continue to comb through the devastated building to try to find and identify all the victims.

Rosie Closier said the situation had added to her fears, saying she was "a lot more anxious because we already planned what we're going to do if there was a fire when I do have my baby. I don't know [when]", Sarah said, before adding: "Hopefully we're higher now we have younger children in what is potentially a risky building".

United Kingdom authorities have given assurances that they will not check anyone's immigration status as a result of information given to police in relation to the blaze.

The Hotpoint FF175BP fridge model that started the fire had not been subject to any product recall.

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She had suffered multiple injuries and fractures and had been in the water about 10 to 15 minutes, Newman said. Battalion Chief Denise Newman said the circumstances surrounding the fall were unclear.

In an emotional conclusion, Mr Javid said the Grenfell Tower disaster has "shaken" his understanding of his job in the Cabinet.

"Next week we will be installing a lift to the outside of the building to assist".

"The awful reality is we may not find or identify all those who died in the fire", DSI McCormack added.

Nicholls noted that after the Lacrosse apartment building in Melbourne's Docklands caught fire in 2014, ICPS had suggested that cladding be tested because of the risk non-conforming cladding poses.

Addressing Parliament earlier Thursday, Prime Minister Theresa May said a statement on the test results of the cladding samples taken from Grenfell Tower would be made in the next 48 hours.

Such were their concerns after the tests that the information was immediately shared with government to disseminate more widely.

Police are looking at all parts of the cladding system and its installation, McCormack said. "Further tests are ongoing onto that fridge".