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Google will stop scanning Gmail content for ad targeting

23 Juin 2017

Gmail is free, in part because Google has always scanned the contents of users' inboxes in order to serve targeted ads. Overall, this change is in line with how other Google products show ads to users.

This doesn't mean ads are disappearing from Gmail altogether-free users will still see ads that are personalized based on data from Search and YouTube.

US District Judge Lucy Koh ruled in March that the settlement was hard to understand and "does not clearly disclose the fact that Google intercepts, scans and analyzes the contents of emails sent by non-Gmail users to Gmail users for the purposes of creating user profiles of the Gmail users to create targeted advertising". Indeed, Microsoft ran its semi-successful "Scroogled' ad campaign entirely based on this".

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As Green says, Google won't stop showing users ads, it just won't be mining their inboxes for information. Consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization after this change. But Google's decision may help users feel better about parting with more of their data in the future.

More recently, in March, a judge rejected Google's proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit with non-Gmail users who sued because their emails to Gmail users were being intercepted and scanned for the purposes of providing targeted advertising to the recipient.

Despite this, in February 2016 a group of current and former college students sued the Internet giant for the snooping that did occur for years on the Gmail accounts provided by their university.

Google will stop scanning Gmail content for ad targeting