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Get A Look At Total War: Warhammer II's Huge New Campaign

23 Juin 2017

Creative Assembly have released a brand new, not to mention stunning, video revealing the campaign map of the upcoming Total War: Warhammer II. The camera takes you on a tour in the trailer above, weaving between mountains and, at one point, passing right by a dragon as it casually soars.

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Total War: Warhammer II has a release date of September 28 for PC. The High Elves in this part of the world are led by Prince Tyrion, as the video shows off the imposting White Tower of Hoeth and past the Fortress Gates of Ulthuan that makes up some of the strongest defences in the world. From Ulthuan, the homeland of the High Elves, all the way to Lustria, home to several races of the Old World who have set up home there. The ruins of ancient cities, overrun by the jungle-landscape are there to be exploited... will you build new settlements there, or risk calamity while you delve them for treasure, magical artefacts, and other rewards? If they can revitalise their Geomantic Web, unseen lines of power that connect their ancient cities, their chances of enacting their Great Plan will be greatly increased. Deep within Lizardmen territory lies Turtle Isle where the High Elf Arch-Mage, Teclis fights endlessly against not only Lizardmen but mosquitos and the unbearable heat. The trailer closes with a Lizardmen Legendary Lord leading a large force into battle against the High Elves at The Fallen Gates.

Get A Look At Total War: Warhammer II's Huge New Campaign