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Auditor faults Penn State's tuition hikes, admissions record

23 Juin 2017

"In the post-[Jerry] Sandusky era, it would be expected that Penn State would be hypervigilant about completing all required background checks".

Penn State needs to address what's described as skyrocketing tuition and spiking enrollment of out-of-state students and worldwide students, compared to in-state student enrollment, according to a new report.

"In March of 2016, Penn State ranked third on the list of most expensive public colleges for in-state students", he said.

The report recommends the university be included under the commonwealth's Right to Know Law and Public Official Employee Ethics Act as well.

"Stated simply, it costs PSU no more to educate a nonresident student over a resident student; yet PSU charges almost twice as much for a nonresident student", the report said.

DePasquale also said the university needs to improve campus security and suggests the size of the board of trustees should be cut.

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"What's the one magic wand?"

The office of the state auditor general has released a report reviewing Penn State's rising tuition costs, background check practices and transparency in the wake of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse conviction.

"I think it should be fair to everyone whether they are in state, out of state, for instance like I have a single mom, stuff like that".

A state audit issued Thursday blasted Pennsylvania State University for substantial increases in out-of-state applicants, especially global applicants, admitted. The audit found that tuition increased 535 percent in 30 years, and DePasquale said the university "must do whatever is necessary" to control tuition costs.

A link to that Auditor General's report for further reading can be found here.

Auditor faults Penn State's tuition hikes, admissions record