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Alternate juror in Cosby trial would've convicted

23 Juin 2017

Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial in his sexual assault case in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017.

Andrea Constand thanked her supporters after a Pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial in her sexual assault case against Bill Cosby.

Excoriated by the defense for charging Cosby in the first place, District Attorney Kevin Steele vowed to put him on trial a second time, saying accuser Andrea Constand supported the decision.

Defence attorneys had pushed to select a jury from another county because of intense pretrial publicity in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where District Attorney Kevin Steele, during his 2015 election campaign, had been critical of one of his predecessors for not prosecuting Cosby.

Media organizations including The Associated Press are seeking the jurors' identities. The names of the jurors have not been released.

Now, he said, reporters want to talk to jurors about their deliberations, and what led to the jury becoming deadlocked.

The attention courthouse staff gave to the Cosby trial was unprecedented.

Juror names are normally a matter of public record and judges must justify the decision to seal them, legal experts said.

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Prosecutors and the defense initially opposed releasing the names during the trial, but not after the trial was over. "If the press saturates the nationwide media market with stories about jury deliberations, including juror opinions about the evidence, it may make the parties' ability to select a fair and impartial jury more hard", Steele argued.

"My opinion continues to be that Ms. Constand was probably the victim of a sexual assault", said Castor, whom Constand is suing for defamation. McCloskey said he was "ridiculously sick" over the jury's inability to reach a verdict. After days of deliberations, the jury said that they were deadlocked, and the prosecutor stated that he would seek a second trial. Prosecutors plan to retry the 79-year-old star on charges he drugged and molested a woman in 2004.

Cosby also said he gave Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl to help her relax before what he insisted was a consensual sexual encounter at his home.

McCloskey said he had hoped for answers on the bus ride hope.

McCloskey posted his juror ID badge on Facebook to prove he was on the alternate jury. That's when Judge Steven O'Neill, who presided over the heated trial, announced that the jurors (seven men and five women) had been unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

The names remain shielded under a protective order that several news outlets have challenged.

Judge O'Neill has ordered the jurors to not speak to the media on why they could not reach a decision after 52 hours of deliberation and a week of testimony.

Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial in his sexual assault case in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017. Cosby was charged shortly before the statute of limitations was set to expire.

Alternate juror in Cosby trial would've convicted