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Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Has Officially Resigned as CEO

22 Juin 2017

Embattled Uber's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Travis Kalanick resigns from the ride-sharing company he helped found in 2009, according to reports. After consulting with an Uber board member and discussions with several investors, Kalanick chose to tender his resignation as CEO of Uber.

Benchmark, the venture capital firm which has one of the largest holdings in Uber and also has a place on the board of the company was one of the signatories of a letter sent by the investors to Kalanick.

Although Kalanick stepped down as chief executive, he will remain on Uber's board of directors. "He said, I'm not going to be CEO for some period of time, I can't tell you how long, but I'm still going to be involved in all the important decisions", Lashinsky said.

Uber made a series of costly missteps under Kalanick that damaged its reputation, including revelations of sexual harassment in its offices, allegations of trade secrets theft and a federal investigation into efforts to mislead local government regulators.

Earlier this month, Uber fired more than 20 employees following its internal investigation over sexual harassment, discrimination and unprofessional behavior. Others point out that insiders may know best what is needed to fix Uber and not everyone at the company was tainted by Kalanick's behavior. "We have failed to build some of the systems that every company needs to scale successfully", Camp said.

But there is no denying that he has also been at the root of much that is wrong with Uber as an organisation.

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Fowler has since left for another Silicon Valley company called Stripe.

It is important to note that Kalanick will continue to be one of the members of the board at Uber.

But that aggressive - some might say reckless - approach may have paved the way for Uber's recent controversies.

Now that Kalanick is out, it will be important to see whether Uber's culture at its root changes under new leadership.

Uber had also been falling behind in its core application, said Lawler, pointing out that Uber only recently started allowing some drivers to receive tips from passengers through the app. In a statement to employees, Kalanick repeats the sentiment in the board's public statement. Numerous company's top executives were promoted internally after their bosses left, including heads of business, policy and communications, and product. Alexander argued they showed the woman had been assaulted but not raped, people who spoke to him said.