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Horrifying footage released showing US cop fatally shooting motorist seven times

22 Juin 2017

Some of those moments were previously shown in a live-stream started by Reynolds from the passenger seat of the auto.

Yanez shot Castile, 32, five times during a traffic stop in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights. It shows how a very routine conversation about a broken taillight escalated to yet another Black man being killed by police. He then unholstered his gun and pushed it into the auto.

Castile appears to say that he's not pulling out the gun, and then Yanez shoots him. Castile gives the proof of insurance to Yanez through the driver's side window, and Castile puts it in his pocket.

Seven seconds after Philando Castile informed a Minnesota police officer he had a firearm, the officer shot him seven times. Castile had a permit to carry a gun.

This dash cam video was played for jurors at Officer Yanez's trial and showed the events that led to the tragic killing of Philando Castile.

Ms Reynolds is heard explaining that her boyfriend was reaching for his ID, to which Mr Yanez replied: "I told him not to reach for it". The almost 10-minute video shows Yanez rapidly firing seven shots into the vehicle of Castile, 32.

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At the trial, Yanez testified Castile didn't follow his directions to not reach for the gun, but instead put his hand on a pistol and pulled it out of his trousers pocket.

Yanez faced multiple charges, including second-degree manslaughter, for the fatal shooting. Her daughter, who was sitting in the backseat, gets out of the auto and walks towards the other officer on the scene.

After the shooting, the second officer escorted Ms Reynolds' daughter from the backseat of the vehicle. Soon, she is heard wailing.

"You should think from the viewpoint of the officer, reacting to the actions of the driver, who becomes non compliant with the rather loud and direct commands of the officer", Yanez defense attorney Tom Kelly told MPR News earlier in the day. "And I thought I was gonna die". "And I had no other option than to take my firearm and, and I shot". Yanez slowly walks away, and another officer says: "You all right?" You have a right to be outraged.

When Officer Yanez opened fire, another officer near the vehicle jumped back, and Officer Yanez began yelling at the driver. Yanez is then off-camera, but can be heard talking through his body microphone. When Castile told the officer that he had a concealed weapon, a gun that he was permitted to have in the state of Minnesota, the cop unholstered his gun and shot Castile to death.

Horrifying footage released showing US cop fatally shooting motorist seven times