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10 children suffer chemical burns at water park

22 Juin 2017

A Porter, Indiana, water park was indefinitely shut down on Monday after almost a dozen children suffered from chemical burns due to over-chlorination caused by a machine malfunction.

It happened at the Seven Peaks water park in Porter.

The overly chlorinated water left 10 children with leg and arm rashes that eventually blistered.

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Letta says the park didn't have necessary permits, inspections, water samples and functioning equipment when it opened last Thursday in the town of Porter, about 40 miles southeast of Chicago. In the case of an equipment malfunction, like the one that occurred at Seven Peaks, there is no way of knowing whether the pool is getting too much, or too little, chlorine.

The park will reportedly remain closed until it can get itself in compliance with the health department's standards.

The water park has not responded to requests for comment.

10 children suffer chemical burns at water park