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Venezuela calls countries "lap dogs" at OAS Mexico meeting

21 Juin 2017

In an important anti-imperialist march and also against OAS interference in the Venezuelan's political life, Cabello denounced that the servility attitude by the regional organization was "a well-known issue, ' because it represents the oppressive arm of the United States in Latin America".

The OAS, a grouping of 35 independent countries of the Americas, including Venezuela, has been working on an approach to respond to the situation, but perceived USA influence over the organisation has proved unsettling for Maduro and seemingly for some Caricom members.

While the mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro show that Venezuelans' anger at their hardship is boiling over, the well-off are still managing to have fun.

The crisis has the rest of Latin America increasingly anxious.

Monday's gathering in Cancun ahead of the Organization of American States' annual assembly is the latest of a series of high-profile diplomatic meetings to discuss Venezuela's crisis. Venezuela was counted absent. "Our people are dying from lack of food, lack of medicine".

Venezuela had earlier announced its intention to leave the Washington-based OAS, and Rodriguez said "we know of other countries who are beginning to consider leaving", though she would not name them. Venezuela! What do we want?

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez staged a fiery return to the OAS summit Tuesday, a day after she walked out, saying Venezuela did not recognize the meeting and meant to leave the hemispheric organization.

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One customer, Ahisquel, says she joins in the protests herself but still comes to the bar once a week with her husband, an oil executive.

More than 1,000 people have been injured so far, prosecutors say, and more than 3,000 arrested, according to rights group Forum Penal.

As she left the Organization of American States meeting being held in the Mexican resort of Cancun, Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez claimed that more OAS members were considering following Venezuela's example and withdrawing from the group, which has been putting pressure on her socialist government to hold timely elections, free political prisoners and scrap a bid to rewrite its constitution.

"Should the Maduro regime decide to ignore the national and global outrage and appeals, and instead proceed to do away with the constitution in a patently illegal and unsafe manner. the regime will bear a special responsibility for whatever befalls Venezuela", he told journalists.

Speaking in Cancun during the 47th General Assembly of the OAS, Almagro said he would be seeking a consensus among the members during the three-day summit.

The United States and Venezuela exchanged harsh words Tuesday at the Organization of American States general assembly, after the US representative said the OAS must pass some kind of resolution on the troubled South American country to remain true to its principles. But the special session on Venezuela ended with no resolution approved.

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