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US says it shot down Iranian-made drone in Syria

21 Juin 2017

The Russian fighter "came within several feet" of the RC-135, according to Capt. Joseph Alonso, a spokesman for U.S. European Command. The U.S. has conducted three airstrikes over the past month against those forces.

Hernandez says the incident happened Monday, when the U.S. RC-135 was on a routine mission in worldwide airspace.

A US F-15E fighter jet shot down a pro-Syrian regime drone near At Tanf, Syria, on Monday, two USA officials told CNN, the third downing of a pro-regime aircraft this month.

A member of the Russian air force's Knights aerobatic team performs in a SU-27 jet during a test flight ahead of an airshow in Zhuhai, China, on November 10, 2014.

The incident took place 25 miles northwest of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is located between Lithuania and Poland in northern Europe.

Attentat avorté aux Champs-Elysées: l'attaquant était fiché pour islamisme radical
Mais le mode opératoire peut rappeler en plusieurs points les attentats jihadistes qui ont frappé le territoire ces derniers mois. Selon une vidéo amateur visionnée par l'AFP, une épaisse fumée jaune s'échappe ensuite du véhicule entouré par les gendarmes.

The incident occurred in the same vicinity as previous conflicts with pro-regime forces, near the combat outpost in At-Tanf, where a contingent of USA and coalition advisers are supporting a force to fight the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

On Monday, Russia warned that US aircraft operating in specific regions in Syria would be considered "air targets" for its forces after a US Navy jet shot down a pro-regime fighter jet.

The U.S. -backed forces are fighting against ISIS, and they are supported by U.S. troops.

Australia's military is suspending the airstrikes that it had been carrying out against the Islamic State as part of a US -led coalition in Syria, one day after Russian Federation criticized the USA downing of a Syrian warplane and threatened to target coalition aircraft in a wide swath of Syria.

Despite suspicions of collusion between the Putin government and the Trump presidential campaign, the fact is Russian Federation and US relations haven't been this bad since the Cold War.