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US Destroys Syrian Drone

21 Juin 2017

The Pentagon said the pro-government drone "displayed hostile intent and advanced on coalition forces" near Syria's border with Iraq. "ADF operations in Iraq will continue as part of the coalition".

It could lead to open conflict between Russian Federation and the United States.

Russia's deputy foreign affairs minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said the U.S. strike "has to be seen as a continuation of America's line to disregard the norms of worldwide law".

And as Isis is dislodged from its current strongholds and outside powers compete for control of the vacated territory, the potential for clashes has escalated rapidly.

Raising concerns over what he called "a unsafe escalation", the CT senator said it was not in the USA interest to get involved in the Syrian war.

Israeli security officials said Monday they were studying the missile strike to see what they could learn about its accuracy and capabilities. The incident is one of a long string of close encounters as North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Russian forces exercise in close proximity.

Another day, another escalation in Syria.

"I strongly hope that there will be a de-escalation of the situation because these kinds of incidents can be very risky in a conflict situation in which there are so many actors and in which the situation is so complex on the ground", said Guterres.

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The incident closely followed Sunday's USA downing of a piloted Syrian army jet in the southern Raqqa countryside after it dropped bombs near US -backed forces.

The drone, roughly the size of a U.S. Predator unmanned aerial vehicle, was armed and within range of striking U.S. -led coalition troops and their Syrian allies, the official said, who said the strike was in "self-defense".

Jamal Wakeem: I believe so because the United States is pushing hard not to lose ground in Syria especially when the Syrian forces are expanding their control over Syrian territory and they were also able to reach the border with Iraq, which obstructed the American plan to drive a wedge between Iraq and Syria. On June 18, A US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian SU-22 fighter-bomber after it attacked Syrian Democratic Forces south of the town of Tabqa.

That presents a major challenge for the coalition, which so far has shunned any cooperation with President Bashar Assad and has partnered instead with local Kurdish-led forces.

Despite the increasing number of incidents, analysts say neither Syria's regime nor Washington now wants a major confrontation.

He did not specify, though, whether contacts between the United States and Russian forces are maintained through a channel established in accordance with the memorandum on preventing mid-air incidents and ensuring flights safety.

"I'm confident that we are still communicating between our operations centre and the Russian Federation's operations centre".

"As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased", the Australian Department of Defence said.