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Two bear attacks, two deaths over two days in Alaska

21 Juin 2017

In the US state of Alaska black bear killed a 16-year-old participant of the mass of the race over rough terrain.

Precosky, the organizer of a popular race in a park near Anchorage had spent more than two hours with a search party scouring the densely wooded terrain for Patrick Cooper, a 16-year-old runner who had strayed from the trail and was feared to be in grave danger, as the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

He got separated from the group and sent a text to a family member saying he was being chased by a bear.

Officials responded up the mountain to locate the boy, whose body was found about a mile up the path, at about 1,500 vertical feet.

Alaska State Troopers stated that Patrick Cooper's remains were airlifted from the scene on the mountain on Sunday. The bear ran away after a park ranger shot it.

Officials at an underground gold mine reported a contract employee hired to take geological samples was killed and another injured in a black bear attack. Marsh said the bear's attack was likely a predatory one, though such types of attacks are rare when it comes to black bears, which usually attack only to defend themselves or their cubs.

The second fatality happened on Monday at the Pogo Mine, outside Fairbanks, Alaska. Adult runners crest the Bear Ridge mountain.

"We got word that it didn't look good when we got eyes on the bear around 2:30".

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Authorities shot the bear in the face with a shotgun, but apparently it disappeared into the brush and is thought to still be wandering the trails. A search mission is now underway to find the bear.

"It's very unusual", Marsh said of the mauling.

Although the smallest of the three species of bears found in North America, black bears still typically weigh around 25 stone and can grow to more than 7 foot. "It's sort of like someone being struck by lightning". "But right now I don't have any information about the bear".

The mining company told KTVA that the bear involved in the attack was killed at the direction of Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

"I mean you just never know, you never know where you'll see a bear or encounter a bear", Friess said. He said that he yelled "Bear!" a few times to warn the other searchers.

"It was a predatory black bear guarding the boys body when we arrived". A part of the registration process is that competitors must sign a liability waiver.

Race director Michael Friess said the "tragedy" would be reviewed "with a fine tooth comb".

Two bear attacks, two deaths over two days in Alaska