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Online betting market predicts Karen Handel win in Georgia

21 Juin 2017

All eyes are on Georgia: The highly-anticipated District 6 race, which pits Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff against Republican Karen Handel, has crossed $50 million in spending, which is now the most expensive House race in us history. The election is seen, by many, as a rebuke of President Donald Trump, a republican. This is sort of the mirror image of the case where Ossoff wins narrowly: a disappointing result for Democrats given that they had dreams of winning the seat but not really all that much of a change from the status quo (especially considering that it would be right in line with the results from the first round of the Georgia election). National Republicans' House campaign arm added $4.5 million, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce chipped in another seven figures. She is the 1st woman in the history of the State of Georgia elected to the US Congress. The victor would replace Tom Price, who was chosen by President Trump as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. The race between Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The matchup between Ossoff and Handel has become a proxy for the national political atmosphere and a test of GOP strength early in Trump's presidency.

She also relentlessly attacked Ossoff as an inexperienced stooge of national Democrats funded by out-of-state interlopers.

Ossoff took to Twitter to urge constituents to "summon everything we've got" and troop to the polls despite rain falling on Georgia's sixth congressional district, as the president reiterated his support for Handel, 55.

The Republicans have so far staved off defeats by the Democrats this year. Ossoff grew up in the district but now lives just outside the border near Emory University, while his fiancee finishes medical school. But, still, the backsliding from round one - when Ossoff had 48 percent of the vote and came close to avoiding a runoff - would be disturbing for Democrats and might suggest that Republicans could prevail even in Trump-skeptical districts by playing to their base's partisan instincts and motivating them to turn out.

Her win comes after losing bids for governor in 2010 and the Senate in 2014, and it builds on a business and political career she built after leaving an abusive home as a teenager.

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Handel, meanwhile, hasn't fully embraced Trump, but she hasn't completely distanced herself from him either.

In her victory remarks Tuesday night, Handel acknowledged the shooting and paid homage to Scalise, whom she said would frequently text her encouraging messages before he was injured.

But regardless of the outcome, Democrat Jon Ossoff's campaign provided a long-term model and new wave of hope for grassroots activists who are looking to 2018 and beyond. She's likely to face another tough Democratic challenger in November 2018, although Ossoff has said he hasn't yet decided whether he'll run again. She barely mentioned him ahead of finishing second to Ossoff in an April primary but welcomed him for a private fundraiser in late April.

Research indicates that 50 Million dollars have been spent on the race, making it the costliest Congressional race ever.

The Who's The Boss and Charmed star is a vocal proponent of the Democratic candidate and personally drove voters to polling sites for Ossoff during the April election. The Republican campaign establishment, however, helped make up the difference. She also points to the more than 200 phonebankers the organization has drafted around the country, which she hopes can be transferred to working on other races.

Attorney David Ware said a belief that health care should be affordable determined his vote for Ossoff.