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Number of presumed dead in London apartment fire rises to 79

21 Juin 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May commended Saturday the work of emergency services amid the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, although admitted that the support provided to the incident's victims and their families on the ground was not sufficient.

The death toll from the Grenfell Tower block fire in west London has reached 79, the Metropolitan Police confirmed Monday.

The ferocious blaze that gutted a London high-rise last week and left 58 people presumed dead was a "preventable accident" that followed "years of neglect" from the government, the city's mayor said Sunday.

All 24 floors of the high rise uilding have now been searched after the recovery operation was paused on Friday over fears for emergency workers' safety in the building.

Police do not expect to find any survivors inside the 24-storey concrete tower, which contained 120 apartments. It was reportedly flammable, and it might have been banned on buildings above a specific height.

Mr Cundy appealed to anyone who escaped from the building but is yet to come forward to make themselves known to police.

Conditions in the staircase were so cramped, fire crews were told they could stay outside to help or go into the burning building without their full breathing apparatus and just their eye gear.

Une voiture percute un fourgon de gendarmerie, les dernières informations — Champs-Élysées
Cette tentative d'attentat, qui n'a pas fait de blessé , est la seconde sur la célèbre avenue parisienne, en moins de deux mois. Un pavillon entouré de hautes haies, où une perquisition a eu lieu lundi soir.

Harley Facades Limited, the company that was subcontracted to clad the tower block's exterior, but did not manufacture it, said the Chancellor's comments were "frivolous and ill-informed".

"It's hard to describe the devastation the fire has caused", Cundy said, fighting back tears as he spoke.

"Sadly, for many families, they have lost more than one family member", Cundy said.

Cundy said there may have been other people in the tower that police are not aware of, which would add to the final death toll.

Of the 58, he said the number of confirmed fatalities in Wednesday's inferno remains at 30. We know that there are still bodies of those who died inside the building and we want to return those people to their families as soon as we possibly can.

"During recent visits in Manchester and London, I have been profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need", the queen said in a statement.

He promised an "exhaustive" criminal investigation that would also look at a major refurbishment of the tower completed past year.

Number of presumed dead in London apartment fire rises to 79