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Kansas Supreme Court to hear school funding case July 18

21 Juin 2017

A federal court ruled a year ago that Secretary of State Jon Husted was following the law by throwing out ballots that had minor errors such as signing a name rather than printing it and leaving a digit out of a social security number.

Each political party tries to gain the upper hand by concentrating the opposition into a small number of electoral districts and then spreading its own vote across more districts in which it can achieve a comfortable win. The court will hear arguments in October.

The Wisconsin case of Gill vs. Whitford, to be heard in the fall, could yield one of the most important rulings on political power in decades.

The case is expected to have an impact nationally, deciding the standard by which courts can determine whether a redistricting plan is drawn unconstitutionally on the basis of the party affiliation of voters. That happened before in 2006-2007, he added.

The partisan gerrymander to be reviewed next term is in Wisconsin, where the state legislature and the governorship are controlled by Republicans.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt urged the Supreme Court last week to accept the revised funding formula and injection of about $293 million in state aid over the next two years as compliant with the Kansas Constitution's mandate to provide suitable education to all children.

A federal district court in Wisconsin ruled 2-1 in November that election districts drawn by Republicans discriminated against Democratic voters "by impeding their ability to translate their votes into legislative seats". So, if the Democrats have no shot of beating a Republican in a district, the only way somebody who is already in office can lose is if another Republican would challenge them.

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The U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that it will consider Wisconsin's redistricting lawsuit.

In its opinion striking down the Wisconsin map, the lower court invoked the 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment's equal protection formula in defining an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. "In this case, a lower court held that Wisconsin had indeed crossed that line", he told CNN. The high court will review a lower court decision that said Wisconsin's Republican Legislature redrew district maps so much to their advantage that they were unconstitutional. "The more information to identify someone, the more accurate it is to confirm that voter is who they say they are".

The Associated Press says the high court has ruled states can't gerrymander districts to reduce the influence of minority voters but has not rejected boundaries on purely political grounds.

Campaign Legal Center attorney Paul Smith is the lead lawyer in the case challenging the maps.

The Kansas City Star reports that the Supreme Court decision to allow the new school funding law to go into effect even though the court case is unresolved eliminates the possibility that schools will run out of money at the end of June and have to shut down.

In a statement issued later by the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Elias, an NDRC adviser, called the case "the latest sign that the courts remain a strong check on extreme Republican gerrymandering".

Kansas Supreme Court to hear school funding case July 18