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Principale » Google's Project Fi helps you pay your share of the phone bill

Google's Project Fi helps you pay your share of the phone bill

21 Juin 2017

Google automatically splits the plan's costs among members based on usage. Each month, we'll calculate participating members' portion of the bill, send out payment reminders, and provide a simple way for members to repay plan owners directly through Project Fi.

When the bill is ready, Project Fi can notify the members of a plan to pay the plan owner. It shows the amounts various people paid or owe as well as the full bill amount. So if you've got a group plan on Project Fi, be sure to give Group Repay a look. Set by the owner of the plan, the latter is particularly ideal for kids and helps encourage sticking to a cap.

Project Fi is integrated with Google Wallet for sending and receiving the payments, and owners can automatically cash out repayments to either a debit card or checking account.

Last but not least, group replay also keeps track of your Project Fi payment history and lets you view your payment statuses for the current month.

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As part of a limited time promotion, Project Fi is giving out $35 in free credit to cover a month of Fi Basics for both plan owners and newly added group members.

According to Google, its group plans efforts are likely to be appreciated by many, since group mobile phone plans are more popular than ever.

This week the folks at Google have split the bill up for users of Google Fi. It's hard enough signing up a "group" together and making sure everyone is willing to have the same wireless company. Project Fi's Group Repay simplifies that process by not only calculating how much each person owes, but also by notifying them that their bill is due and making it easy to pay the plan owner.

Google's Project Fi helps you pay your share of the phone bill