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Principale » Drug trials 'skewed by the pharmaeutical industry,' Global Positioning System say

Drug trials 'skewed by the pharmaeutical industry,' Global Positioning System say

21 Juin 2017

The findings also demonstrate just 37 per cent of the public trust evidence from medical research, while 65 per cent value the opinion of friends and family.

Global Positioning System need to offer longer appointments to explain options and evidence better, while patients should challenge doctors about whether a medicine is right for them, a report by the body representing the country's leading medical researchers urges.

Sir John said: "We all need medicines at some point in our life yet the decision as to whether to use a drug or not can be a confusing one as illustrated by numerous controversies played out in recent years - in relation to the use of statins to reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease; the risks and benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and Tamiflu in the treatment of influenza".

It commissioned a ComRes poll of...

Silvia Kirk, a member of the public whose views were taken into account, says: "I've often left my doctor's surgery with a prescription unsure why I needed the medicine, how it would make me feel and exactly when I should take it". It calls for them to be written in simple and clear terms so that patients understand the potential benefits of medicines and their possible side-effects.

These include enhancing patient information leaflets and further developing the NHS Choices website as a "repository of reliable, easy to understand, evidence based, and trustworthy information on the potential benefits and harms of medicines", said report chairman Professor Sir John Tooke.

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"As far as patient information leaflets are concerned there is now an obligation for industry to expose the risks, which is why they predominate this laundry list of side effects".

Four in five Global Positioning System believe drug trials are skewed by the pharmaeutical industry, amid widespread mistrust in medical research, polling shows.

He said: 'It's startling to hear that only about a third of the public trust medical research.

"Patients are struggling to make sense of the information they receive from their doctor, the TV, the Internet and their friends and family about medicines". Research claims 80,000 strokes and heart attacks a year will be prevented from these pills, though patients and Global Positioning System fear the long-term consequences of taking the medication, which could lead to type 2 diabetes.

'With our ageing population and ever more sophisticated treatments being made available, we need to act now to give patients clearer and more useful information about the medicines they take'.

A new report from the Academy delves into the use of scientific evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of medicines.

Drug trials 'skewed by the pharmaeutical industry,' Global Positioning System say